Those who have been to the city of Solothurn do not need to prove that the COVER watch is really made in Switzerland. At the corner of two streets, there is a strict four-story building of a watch school. It doors were thrown open in the 1930s, and many watchmakers learned the basics of the profession here. When the school changed its registration, a worthy representative of the watch industry - the COVER factory - moved into the spacious house. It is here, in the atmosphere of the creative spirit of first-class craftsmen, that the COVER watch has been made since 1981. The brand exists as a subsidiary of Chrono AG. The centuries-old traditions of Solothurn contribute to the production of beautiful, stylish, precise and reliable watches. The founder of the brand, Mr. Ingold, worked for a long time as the executive director of the watch factory Tissot. For several decades of existence, COVER has found fans in many countries around the world. In addition to the democratic price, the watches of this brand attract customers with their original, fresh design. All watches of the company are marked "Swiss Made", confirming their Swiss origin. The COVER lineup includes a wide range of watches, but the most interesting and demanded of them are chronographs and classic quartz models. The COVER collection includes mechanical and quartz watches, which are made using the best materials and advanced processing methods. The watches are equipped with Ronda and ETA movements, have a durable case and are equipped with sapphire crystals. In a word, the collections are 100% consistent with the company's motto: "Stylishly reliable, affordable".


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