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Opening of the first CASIO G-SHOCK FLAGSHIP store in Azerbaijan.

On November 22nd, 2019, the first CASIO G-SHOCK FLAGSHIP store was opened in 28 Shopping Mall in the center of Baku.
The famous host Kamran Razmovar introduced the guests to the history and philosophy of G-SHOCK watches by holding various entertainment and show programs, prize competitions.
The event was also attended by Mr. Saido, Regional Manager from Japan. He highly appreciated the excellent work of G-SHOCK in Azerbaijan.
All brands Ambassadors also took part among the guests of the G-SHOCK brand.

  • - The face of G-SHOCK brand in Azerbaijan, 24-time world kickboxing champion, 7-time European champion and White Wolf Eduard Mammadov with many titles!
  • - Mrs. Oksana Rasulova, the most attractive actress of Azerbaijan, Ambassador of BABY-G in Azerbaijan, who with her dance worthily represents our country abroad!
  • - The famous TV presenter, actor and our friend Shakhriyar Abilov is the face of Edifice brand!
  • - 4-time world champion and 7-time European champion in powerlifting Namik Jafarov!
  • - And the most famous fashion blogger in our country, Nadjiba!


On July 23, 2019, a big project was implemented in Park Boulevard Shopping Center.
G-SHOCK DANCE BATTLE is an international dance tournament held annually in Japan, USA, CIS countries and many European countries.
One of the main goals of this event is to attract young people to dance and bring talented, promising dancers from gyms to the big stages.
G-SHOCK DANCE BATTLE is held in two nominations:
Hip hop and break dance.
The participants of the show are professional dancers, they were evaluated by the judges and awarded with high cash prizes.

As a special guest was invited Eduard Mammadov- 23-time world kickboxing champion, 7-time European champion and multiple title holder, thanked by the regional manager Mr. Saido for the high presentation of the G-SHOCK brand and for participation in the presented video of CASIO brand.

BABY-G Skateboarding

On September 8,th 2019, skateboarding competition was held at the Barrel Playground, which is considered a favourite place for young people. This event is dedicated to supporting and encouraging Azerbaijan skateboarders. The event featured performances by local graffiti artists, performances by young rappers, DJ Bad Habbit, competitions as well as skateboarder competitions. The winners received CASIO BABY-G watches. Blogger Najiba presented the prizes to the winners.



On February 14th, 2020, the famous Turkish rock singer Teoman gave his first concert on Valentine's Day in Azerbaijan at the Elektra Hall. The guests of the event looked closely at the G-SHOCK watches and got gifts and discount coupons.



Fan club meeting.
Annually, for the members of G-SHOCK CASIO Fan Club hold meetings, where guests are given the opportunity to get acquainted with new products, learn more about the bestsellers, and also have a great time!
G-SHOCK Fan Club event which were held on July 23rd at La Kuku, which opened the meeting season after a strict quarantine regime.
There were free drinks, a buffet table, and discount coupons were distributed, which was valid in all 7 branches of G-SHOCK stores and, of course, watches were raffled off at the event. The participants, who took part in the quizzes had the opportunity to become the owners of the unkillable G-SHOCK, as well as to become a member of the Fan Club, which makes it possible to be invited to all the latest events.



Sport! Healthy lifestyle! Dancing!
This is the main slogan of Casio G-SHOCK brand. In order to unite all active, burning-hearted dancers, we, as official distributor, organize G-SHOCK DANCE BATTLE every year. Dancers, who are ready to accept the challenge and compete with other talented dancers will receive a lot of energy, and of course the prize in the form of unkillable G-SHOCK!
On August 9th we gathered our Fan Club line-up, as well as everyone interested. Discount coupons were distributed at the event, which was valid in all 7 branches of CASIO G-SHOCK, drinks, small gifts, as well as the incredible energy of the battle participants! The viewers had the opportunity to be convinced of the absolute toughness of G-SHOCK, having seen the crash test with their own eyes. A watch placed in an ice cube which was broken with a hammer, after which it continues to work with the same absolute toughness, without a single scratch.
The musical group H3 was invited to the event, which perfectly charged the audience and dancers. Throughout the event, graffiti was painted on the walls. An atmosphere of complete freedom and energy.



Nothing better describes G-SHOCK CASIO’s absolute toughness as a sport! Namely powerlifting. The strongman event, where we, as official distributors, regularly support athletes both morally and in prose, is held once in a season.
Athletes from various weight categories compete to become the best strongman. For their victory, they were awarded with the same absolutely toughness G-SHOCK!



On October 31st, on honour of Halloween costume party was organized for all members of G-SHOCK CASIO Fan Club.
Discount coupons, drinks and presentation of new models at the event. The guests were entertained by DJ. The mood of the event was set by the host, who arranged various quizzes, quiz, where every guest could take part.
There was a competition for the best costume, where all the guests were voting. The winner received a prize in the form of a watch!


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